UIUC Course Data Explorer

Created by Vetrie Senthilkumar

About the Creator

Hey guys! My name is Vetrie Senthilkumar and I'm a sophmore majoring in Computer Science and Statistics at the University of Illinois. After my freshman year of college, I was intrigued by the endless possibilties of data science, a field that seemed to blend both aspects of my major. UIUC Course Data Explorer is an effort to apply my passion for data science to an idea that could be beneficial to my college community. I hope you guys find this as an useful tool, especially when it comes to the difficult prospect of choosing what classes to take next semester. Since this website is meant to serve U of I students, feel free to hit me up with features you would like to see added or improved at vetsenthilkumar@gmail.com

Designing the Website

First, I obtained the publicly available data from Professor Wade Fagen-Ulmschneider's Github repository. The datasets used were the GPA and Gen Eds datasets (link attached below). I used R to preprocess the data, adding important information that wasn't initally provided, like Average GPA for example. During this step, I also did some further analysis that was not included in this website. If you're curious about the findings, I've created an R Markdown report with a link attached below. The next step was creating a user interface that would allow other students to explore the data for themselves. To accomplish this, I used Shiny, a popular R library that allows the integration of R code with HTML/Javascript features. Then, I used CSS to add my customization and style to the website's design. Finally, UIUC Course Data Explorer was deployed using AWS services


Link to Datasets
Link to Report
Link to Github Repository for this Project